Kirstin and Quinn.  Beautiful new mamma.  Baby blues.  Squishy.  Roley Poley.  Absolute perfection. 

We've shared a lot of life together friend, pretty cool we get to share this part of it too,


16th of January 2016

We welcomed the New year with a sigh of relief, what a year 2015 was for us, a HUGE one! Challenging, frustrating and exciting, a year of change and new projects.  We closed a door, opened another (and a window too), ended a chapter and began a new one, actually a few at the same time! (it certainly felt that way anyway)

At times we weren't sure we were doing the right thing, there were lot's of ups and downs but thankfully... it's only up from here (I hope) and all those decisions we tossed and turned about ended up being the right ones.  We're looking forward to a wonderful and more settled 2016.

We ended the year with the loveliest break on the Mornington Peninsula at my parents beach house.  It really was the breath of fresh air we'd been yearning for!  

Lucas arriving in Rosebud - I love how happy he is here

Lucas arriving in Rosebud - I love how happy he is here

The crab we found underneath Rosebud Pier along with many star fish

The crab we found underneath Rosebud Pier along with many star fish

Rosebud beach is the most perfect beach for toddlers and older children who love to explore.  With shallow water extending out as far as the end of the pier, sea-life to explore beneath the pier, sand islands and schools of tiny fish to chase - my kids love it!

William - Rosebud Pier

William - Rosebud Pier

Alexander - Rosebud Pier

Alexander - Rosebud Pier

Anthony - Rosebud Pier

Anthony - Rosebud Pier

We spent time with precious family and friends.  Days began and ended at the beach.  We picked strawberries at Sunnyridge strawberry farm in Main Ridge.  Lucas had his first fishing with Dad experience.  We single handedly funded the Rosebud Carmamal (that's the carnival for those that don't speak William - my 2 yo) but so worth it for the joy on those little faces!  We wined and dined at some of our favourite family friendly spots - Foxey's hangout in Red Hill & The Portsea Hotel (the latter not so enjoyable... we spent our time there keeping the kids from falling down the cliffside or out of the trees and left with them both screaming mid-tantrum- FUN!). The Portsea pub with it's large grassed outdoor area overlooking the Pier really is a great option for kids though, ours were just having a (really) bad day. 

William's first dodgem cars experience - Rye Carnival

William's first dodgem cars experience - Rye Carnival

The boys at Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm - Main Ridge

Fun at the Rosebud Carnival

Lucas moments before the mother of all tantrums - Portsea Pub

Lucas moments before the mother of all tantrums - Portsea Pub

I was reminded of how important and essential Yoga is to me, in calming, centering and re-focusing me when my head is spinning and foggy.  My first class in a year at Yoga in the Park Sorrento with the amazing Baxter from Palate Earth ( made me realise i'd left yoga in the back seat of the car in 2015 with a million of what seemed to be (mistakenly) more important tasks taking the front seat when it should have been Yoga driving ! - the ride would've been a hell of a lot smoother if i'd just let Yoga drive!  

We spent NYE at Mcrae beach - one of the best New Years Eve's i've ever had, mainly because we had no expectations. We watched the sun go down and watched our children play in the shallows in the warm glow of the sun as it set - it really was just the most perfect way to spend the last few hours of the year!

Lucas - New Years Eve '15/16

Lucas - New Years Eve '15/16

William -  New Years Eve '  15/16

William -  New Years Eve '15/16

Lucas & Will -  New Years Eve '  15/16

Lucas & Will -  New Years Eve '15/16

The Sorrento Ocean beach rock pools were a true highlight for me! There was so much for the kids to explore and so much beauty to take in. I was taken back to the beaches on the Amalfi Coast and Sicily in Italy and Santorini, Greece.  I love that you can literally dive into some of the rockpools and have a swim if the surf beach is not your thing & there's coffee! A gorgeous little restaurant sits on the cliff edge making it even more perfect.  

Me + Coffee + beach = HAPPY

Me + Coffee + beach = HAPPY

This spot is also perfect for the kids as they can explore the shallow rock pools and caves. I almost cried when i'd realised i'd left my bathers on the bed at the house! Boohoo!!! my husband had to sternly request that i snap out of it on the way home. LOL. I have a tendency to dwell.  My 2016 resolution includes minimising dwelling.

ourboys (1 of 1)-15.jpg
Brothers - Rosebud Pier

Brothers - Rosebud Pier

Below i list just a few of my favourite places to visit on the Mornington Peninsula while visiting with children ...

Foxey's hangout - Main Ridge - - Large grass area and outdoor seating in a casual but very cool setting overlooking the vineyards.  Bring a picnic rug if your kids are chaos at the table and you can enjoy your wine and a cheese platter on the grass !

The Green Olive - Red Hill -  Large grass area for the kids to play Built in trampoline (YES! you heard right!) and you can enjoy your wine on the grass here too !

Sunny ridge Strawberry farm -Main Ridge - - U-pick season runs from November-April.  Stay and have a coffee and something sweet at their dessert cafe afterwards.   

The Portsea Hotel - Portsea - - Large outdoor dining area with grass area for the kids to play.  Access to the beach so stay and make a day of it!

Dromana beach Playground - Nepean Hwy next to the pier - Fenced off coastal themed playground close to the shops and particularly my favourite ice-cream shop Icecream A'la Copenhagen from my childhood... try the Old English Toffee!

Sorrento Ocean beach - Rock pools and serenity and surf beach in the one place! Everyones happy, grab a coffee like i did or stop for lunch before or after at All smiles restaurant!  I was blown away by the view at this place.

Rosebud beach - Rosebud beach as mentioned earlier is the perfect beach for families with young children. Shallow water and lot's to explore & discover!

Itali.Co - Sorrento - - Family friendly authentic Italian restaurant.  The Ravioli was amazing and so was the pizza.

The Sister's Kitchen Garden - Sorrento - Gorgeous little cafe in a beautiful garden setting -  149/151 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento. (03) 5984 4646 

Merchant and maker - Mccrae - - This place is new and opposite Mccrae beach (look for the lighthouse) and i was so excited to stumble across it on my way to Yoga.  I visited with friends for breakfast and again it didn't disappoint.  Great coffee and amazing breakfast. Try the Mushaboom! - DELICIOUS! 

The Sorrento Sea baths - Sorrento - - We love ordering take-away Fish & chips and eating on the beautiful Sorrento foreshore. If you're lucky grab a table on the deck and watch the kids play on the beach! Easy! (Sadly we'll have to wait until next summer to get back here due to the recent fire)

Rosebud Carnival - Great for young children and toddlers.  Rides are aimed at younger children but head to Rye for mini dodgem cars... William was so excited to find he could drive solo without Dad!

Water Wild Inflatable Fun Park - Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud foreshore - We didn't quite make it here but heard from friends it's the best fun! 

From my family to yours - wishing you a Happy New Year full of wonderful moments to be remembered forever! I can't wait to capture more of them for you... Christina x

21st of November 2015

This is the stuff that makes my heart sing! I had the privilege of photographing the Gianuzzi family last Sunday at one of my favourite locations, Jells Park in Wheelers Hill....

 These gorgeous and very proud grandparents wanted just ONE photograph with their Grandchildren.  So their children contacted me and we organised a gift voucher for a family Lifestyle session !

 I really enjoyed getting to know this vibrant, energetic and playful family just a little better.

With everything going on in the world at this moment, I’m refreshingly reminded of how much love exists in the world.  I get to witness, share in and capture the love families have for each other and the pride that shines out from your eyes and smiles…

‘My heart is happy’ – in the words of my son.  

To the Gianuzzi family, I thank you for allowing me to capture just a few of those little things that make your precious family so unique and special.   I hope these pictures make your hearts happy and swell with pride for many years to come !

 Contact to give a gift this Christmas that will be treasured always. 

 Only one session left for the weekend of 28 and 29 November 2015!

*** This session will be the last to receive their album in time for Christmas!


11th of October 2015

We attended little Savannah’s 4th birthday party last weekend.  My very talented friend Evelyn has such an incredible eye for detail and throws her girls the sweetest birthday parties…. Full of sparkle and love.

Evelyn and I have known each other through mutual friends since high school but our friendship really blossomed after I bumped into her out shopping one day, both pregnant and expecting our first precious little bundles of joy – we connected right away.  Not only do we share a beautiful friendship but so do Lucas & Savannah.

I don’t know about you but I get just as excited about a kid’s party as my son!

I do a little jump of excitement at first sight of the Fairy or Batman (as awkward and uncomfortable as he may be! hehe) and am not ashamed to dig into the kiddy party treats, I mean really… who doesn’t love fairy bread?? and those little milk bottles full of fruit punch goodness... i was a little disappointed that there wasn't one for me!  Please take note for your next party Ev, (and make it a Mojito)! LOL 

No seriously...The day was just perfect.

The children snuck away into the girls room and very cheekily began opening presents… and I managed to sneak a few shots of them.  Moments like these warm my heart, they are the moments that go un-captured and that bring back our own childhood memories… I love capturing them.  Un-posed and full of real happiness and excitement.


24th of July 2015


I’ve mentioned before that I’m always looking for something beautiful and when I came across this beautiful thing I fell in love and had to share it.

Have your precious moments printed directly onto natural tumbled stone!  

What an incredible way of showcasing and preserving your pictures!

I am so excited to be offering this product as an available addition to your chosen package at a cost of just $35.00

And to celebrate, I am giving one away FREE with every session booked by August 31.  So if you’ve been thinking of booking a session, now is the perfect time!

Stones are scratch and water resistant and measure approx 100mm x 100mm.  They are also 15mm deep which allows them to be completely self-standing – what an innovative and creative display for your living space, bedside, desk or windowsill !

Should you wish to mount your stones on a wall or other surface, pick yourself up some 3M Mounting strips available at Officeworks, Bunnings or Kmart – done & done! :)

Happy Friday everyone! 


Inquiries to


19th of June 2015


Meet Style Me Over's Mothers Day giveaway competition winner Gigi, her 6 year old son Benjamin and 15 week old daughter Mia.

Gigi won a 1 hour session with Pictured by Christina at a location of her choice and 5 edited digital images in colour and black & white.

We met at 9.30am at The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne on the most perfect Winter’s morning – really it was! Winter is slowly growing on me.  The light, cool air, the colours and lack of in the trees, created a beautiful setting to photograph in.

Benjamin and I were instantly friends, I think I won him over with my ‘Oh look who snuck into my camera bag’! trick.  Donatello and Leonardo ! (Benjamin’s a Ninja turtle fan .. just incase you hadn’t worked that out).... Well done me! (and special thanks to my son Lucas for letting them come along!)

A new baby brings so much love and joy to a family - more than you ever thought was possible.  I adored capturing such precious moments.

What a gorgeous big brother to Mia he is, singing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ softly into her ear and all those gorgeous cuddles –just bursting with pride! What a smile!

Congratulations again to Gigi! 

Winter can be a most beautiful time to shoot! - It may be cold outside but all that love just melts the chills away! ... and who doesn't love the look of rugged up little ones!

Book now to secure a warm and snuggly winter session!

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4th of June 2015

 And this is why I love this job… Ava & Emily.

What a beautiful session.  Mum really wanted to capture the bond between her girls and what a precious bond they had.  How lucky am I to have been chosen to capture it?  Photographs I hope they can look back on in years to come and smile.  We skipped, chased, sung, whispered, hid, twirled, climbed, gossiped and giggled… natural moments, un-posed, real and organic.   What a perfect way to spend a morning. 

Thanks to the Lombardi family. 

These pictures really make me happy, I hope they always make you happy xo

Lombardi (1 of 1).jpg